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Clinical Studies on our Breast Enlargement Product - Ameri-Breast

We are seeking 1000 volunteers for our first natural breast enhancment study.

This is not a double blind study in which 50% get the real breast enhancer product and the other 50% get the placebo. Everyone in this study gets the real breast enhancement product. However, before you begin taking the product a list of questions must be filled out including your measurements, a survey to determine your climaxability, and your level of libido. This is necessary to get a truly non-biased study. All information is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any medical bureau, etc.

Volunteers will be entitled to purchase Ameri-Breast at a reduced price of 25% off any sale price. After signing up and filling out the study questionair, a coupon code discounting your purchase by 25% will be given to you immediately. Reserved for study participants only!
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